Basic Techniques

  1. Blocking techniques – Low block, Cross block, High block, Knife hand block, Outside block
  2. Leg techniques
    1. Back kick
    1. Hook kick
    1. Spinning round and high round


  1. Be able to show some flexibility through wide split
  2. Be able to kick head height

Combination kicks

                Roundhouse, Hammer Kick, Spinning Roundhouse

Self Defence

  1. Crescent kick, back kick, block and punch
  2. Side kick, knife block and strike both side of neck
  3. Step right, knife block punch, grab and trip then punch
  4. Step left, right knife block, grab and trip then punch


                Poomsae No.6 and No.5


  1. Able to show spirit by kihapping
  2. Implement combination kicks into sparring.
  3. Using spinning kick
  4. Develop own sparring style and tempo

Board breaking

  1. Jumping side kick


  1. Must wear transparent or white colour mouth guard and full protectors to attend Sparring session
  2. Basic Techniques and flexibility will be examined in the pre-grading
  3. Random Poomsae from previous will be examined in the pre-grading
  4. Able to count 1 to 10 in Korean
  5. Know the terminology for being referee