1. Do I have to wear a uniform?

Not initially. You can wear any comfortable clothes for your training for a while but you will need to purchase an appropriate Taekwondo dobok (uniform) and belt within a month of your enrollment and also if you want to participate in a grading.

2. What about a belt?

You can buy your own belt for $15 from the club or borrow the club’s one for the deposit of $10 (redeemable) during your training as a member. When you first start, you wear a white belt and as you are passed at your grading, you can move to the next colour. Please refer the grading section for our club’s belt colour and level.

3. Where can I buy a uniform and how much is it?

You can order the club’s uniform or buy your own from any online shops or martial art supplies. (www.amas.co.nz,   www.toppro.co.nz )  They usually range from $60-$200, depending on the sizes and brands. Sometimes, second hand uniforms are available through the club so check first. Sizing can be varied in brands but if your height is 165cm, your dobok size is 170cm. Use this as a guideline.

The club uniform price: Dobok (TKD uniform) – with printed logos and embroided flags

i.      Kids         $80

ii.      Adult      $90 or  $95(Mooto)

4. What is the NZETKD membership fee?

As our club is affiliated with New Zealand Elite Taekwondo (NZETKD) and a member club, all members of the club pay the yearly membership fee. New Zealand Elite Taekwondo (NZETKD) has been formed as an alternative national Taekwondo governing body for those organisations that resigned from the disputed body Taekwondo NZ. For more information, check https://www.nztaekwondo.co.nz/ .

It is currently $30 per year per person. It to be paid when you join in or around midyear.

5. What is the appropriate age to start?

There is no set age you can start from but for younger kids (under 7 years old), it would be beneficial to train with the similar age group. Our class would suit children older than at least 7-8 years old and for younger kids than 7 years old, their enrollment is at instructor’s discretion. There is no limit for the maximum age. It’s a great way to promote physical activities and have fun together as a family.

6. How much do I need to pay for training?

We have a monthly fee for regular members.

  • New Zealand Elite Taekwondo membership fee: $30 (yearly)
  • Single person : $60 per month
  • Family rate: two $110, three $150, extra person thereafter $45
  • Casual session : $20

Please make a payment to the account below via internet banking or direct debit.

Account name: Se Jong Taekwondo Waikato

Account no: 38-9002-0982774-00

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