Yoga for athletes for adult/3rd class

03 Oct

Dear adult/ third class Waikato SJ TKD members,

As mentioned in class last night, we’re going to have Sarah / Yoga instructor take the class on 15th October.  This will be a great opportunity to try something (perhaps) new and also learn some new stretches.

The details of the Yoga class are:

Date: Monday 15th Oct,

Time: Third class (6.15pm to 7.45pm), please come at the normal time,

Equipment: Please bring your coloured belt (for helping with stretching), water, and wearing your TKD pants.


Here is some background about Sarah the Yoga instructor,

Looking forward to see all of you there!
Waikato SJ TKD

2018 BAY OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP on 1st Sep 2018

06 Aug


Dear members,

2018 BAY OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP is now open for entry. All Team Lists (Excel Spreadsheet) must be received by 10pm Friday 24th August 2018, and no late entries will be accepted. All Entry Fees are to be paid by 10pm Friday, 24th August 2018. Please come and talk to one of instructor if you are interesting in this event.

This will be a Kyorugi competition. The sparring will be full contact under WTF rules. Competitors should be aware of the tournament rules, safety equipment requirements, and the attached Hazard Control Plans for the major significant hazards present during the tournament competition.

The tournament will be held at the Tauranga Boys’ College Gymnasium, Devonport Road, Tauranga on Saturday 1 September 2018.

Please click here to download information pack.


Voting for our club logo!

15 May

Dear Members,
We now have 17 logos all created by our fellow club members. Please take your time to view all of them and select “3” logo designs that you like the most!

Please be aware that the hand-drawn logos are not in their final Logo form and we will ask a professional designer to redraw the hand-drawn logos if they are our favourite choice.

I would encourage parents to discuss the designs with their kids and help them select their favourite. Each member and member’s family can vote individually.

Please submit your choices before Sunday 20/05/2018.

If you did not receive email with voting link by now, please send your contact to so we can add you in our contact list:)